6 Best Electric Skateboard under 1000$ ( 2021 Review & Buying Guide )

6 Best Electric Skateboard of 2020 (BUYING GUIDE)

We all know how much we enjoy riding Skateboard . we forget everything going on in our mind and we just feel the skateboard ride.Have you think how much fun can a Electric Skateboard give to us?Yes! you heard it right . Electric skateboard does exist. Just think how much fun it will be to ride a Skateboard which runs on battery .

If you are thinking what if the battery dies ? Then my answer is why are you thinking that because when the battery charging is over they turn into normal skateboard and you can propel yourself to the place where you want to go just by gliding them on road its that simple .
Stop Thinking Now its time to Join the Electric Skateboard Movement!


1. HIBOY S11 electric skateboard

This skateboard is all about Fun and performance. It has great handling and suitable for teens to ride it .comes with Wireless Remote and can go 6.2 miles on a single charge with the top speed of 12.4 MPH .

This Motorized skateboard comes with 4 ride modes and 4 brake modes for a smoother riding.  It Have a Light frame and solid material so it is easy to carry without the fear of breaking.Comes with single powerful motor with range of 6.2 Miles.Easy to handleWireless remote control  for controlling speed and comfort.

4 ride modes make the ride smootherThis electric skateboard is perfect for teen users for riding around towns and go to school . it has a great little facility in the form stability in accelerating and when turning. Tha HIBOY S11 Electric Skateboard is a great option for you if you are planning to buy electric skateboard.

2.Skatebolt breeze 2 electric skateboard

With the SKATEBOLT Breeze II, you have to be careful as it extremeoardly fast .If you want a electric skateboard which have a high speed then Skatebolt breeze is for you .

Comes with 4 speed modes with the highest speed of 28 MPH. Along with the high speed you can also go far away.With medium mode you can go up to 15 mile in one charge thanks to the massive 6000 MAh Samsung 30 Q Lithium Battery.

Each of its replaceable motors can climb a 30% steep hill thanks to  Dual 350 W Motors.storage racks has space for 12 rifles. The model comes with 4 brake settings and Guess what it also have Cruise Control.Have Long Range and fast speedSolid Construction Comes with dual 350 W motors which are replaceable .

4 brake settings which can be set from soft to strong breaking.The SKATEBOLT Breeze II is a advance , Powerful and Fast EBoard . Its Bamboo and Glass fiber deck make it a Solid Electric Skateboard . with high performance and Range .

3.Teamgee H5 37 Motorized skateboard

With the Teamgee H5 37 Motorized skateboard, you will get 2  high performance motors of 380 W which gives the Teamgee power to go with maximum speed of 22 MPH and can go up to 9-11 miles in single charge .

This E board comes with a LCD screen for change the speed , directions and reversing along with wireless remote.The regenrative breaking charge the battery when coming downhill .Comes with built in battery and its ultra thin.It comes with powerful and durable motor with 760 W of total power.

Also known as the thinnest electric skateboard in the market.2 hours of full charge can take  you upto 11 miles .The Teamgee H5 37 Electric skateboard, combines power with durable build quality to give you a smart way of having fun while riding in towns . Its massive motor is ideal to go upto 22 MPH in the fastest mode .

4.Boosted mini X Electric skateboard

The Boosted mini X Electric skateboard helps you to climb steepest heels without sweat. With 20 MPH fast speed you can reach your destination faster.This E board comes with 3 ride modes and can charge fully in just 1 and 45 minutes . Boosted mini X have special wheel flex profile to handle road imperfections very smoothly.

The smaller size of this electric skateboard makes a huge reason to buy this as it is packed with performance in a smaller size making it easy to carry .Its gonna be to fun to have electric skateboard like this.

Can climb steepest hills without breaking sweat.Can go up to 14 miles in one charge .  Comes with Intuitive ControlThe Boosted mini X Electric skateboard is a must-buy for those looking to have a Electric Skateboard which is small in size yet great in performance .

5. Maxfind MAX 2 pro electric skateboard

The Maxfind MAX 2 pro electric skateboard is an ideal skateboard for the teenagers . It comes with super strong plastic composite to provide super stable riding in high speed.With wireless remote you can control your ride modes and ride safely .

You can choose the ride modes according to your need.Comes with lightening fast acceleration thanks to the 600 W single motor and for a comfortable riding experience the E board comes with ergonomic design and can go upto 20 MPH and can cover 15 miles in single charge.

  • It features an IP65 waterproof to overall electric skateboard. 
  • The smart remote helps you in riding from beginner to professional rider.
  • The 4400 MAh battery can charge fully in just 120 minutes and can upto 15 miles.

This Electric skateboard is ideal for people looking for High performance in a E board . It is a must-buy for people looking for a Electric skateboard which have a perfect design to showoff .

6.SKATEBOLT electric skateboard

 The SKATEBOLT electric skateboard is best electric skateboard which comes with 7500 MAh  massive battery with the help of this you can go upto 21 – 24 miles in normal mode .With the running speed upto 26 MPH you can climb 25% steep heel easily  without sweating .8 layers of northeast maple makes it the most durable electric skateboard  which can support weight upto 280 lbs .

The remote controller comes with skatebolt is designed with a LCD display so you can easily check the speed modes, break modes, and battery capacity. he safe can be used with the digital keypad provided or mancan eaually using the keys that come with the package.

  • Comes with advance wireless remote with a LCD display.

It features safety taillights which makes safer to cruise in the nights.

  • Massive 7500 MAh battery can goes upto 21-24 miles in single charge

This Electric Skateboard are a must buy as they are for cruise aroud schools , towns and city roads . Thanks to the performance and Durability.So to conclude this you have to choose your fit from this article for the best 6 electric skateboard if your budget is under 1000 dollars .

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