7 Best Mechanical keyboard under 100$ (2021 Review and Buying guide)

 Best Mechanical keyboard under 100 $

After research and evaluation we are here with the Top 7 Best Mechanical Keyboard of 2020 with reviews and buying guide .7 best mechanical keyboards for every consumer taste with range under $100

The best typing equipment to ease your work with good typing speed and nice feedback by the keys. A keyboard can change the whole look of your computer by design and performance of the keyboard , no matter how expensive is your computer if you don’t have the best keyboard it feels incomplete.

And trust me upgrading your stock keyboard with the new one is whole lot fun and interesting and if you don’t have keyboard since now then you come to the right place and you will find your pick after reading our article surely on the list of 7 Best mechanical keyboard under 100$. The mechanical key switches of this keyboards make them popular in the segment of best mechanical keyboards under 100 dollars.


Before going to our picks of best mechanical keyboards let me tell you that Mechanical keyboards are highly customizable keyboards mean that you can configure or choose the appearance of your mechanical keyboard which fits you the most.

Other than appearance you can also pick the best suited design for your mechanical keyboard which is standard 104 key layout or tenkeyless TKL layout. 

                 1. Rosewill mechanical keyboard 

Rosewill is a very reputed company in the tech industry as it is supplying PC elements to its consumers since 2004. The strong buttons and best design are one of the best advantage of this keyboard .

It is consider as one of the cheap mechanical markets in the market .  The size of this mechanical keyboard is 17.3×5.4×1.5 inches so we can say its a middle sized keyboard you can own and is also not very heavy with the weight 3.5 lbs .what you think? 

Keyboards are for typing so the quality of buttons are so considerable then anything else  Mechanical buttons or mechanical type switches are the best one for typing and this Rosewill mechanical keyboard comes with 100% Cherry Brown MX Switches, which will provide the fast answers along with visual feedback.

This mechanical keyboard comes with multimedia keys giving you more control over the computer. That’s not all, the shortcut keys of stop, play/pause, back, forward and volume changes keys will make the experience more smoother then ever for seamless work.

  • Very stable on desk
  • Strong base of metal
  • Bottom support
  • fine texture
  • Programmable keys
  • No DIP switch


So while closing the conversation on Rosewill mechanical keyboard , you can pick this mechanical keyboard if your budget is under 100 dollars and you want a best quality keyboard and is highly advised by our side .

2.Corsair mechanical keyboard 

The stylish design and amazing quality of corsair keyboard make them consumers favourite choice in the market of Best mechanical keyboard and is super affordable under 100 dollars.

 This Corsair mechanical keyboard combines speed and comfortability in single gadget.
Loaded with CHERRY MX BLUE KEY SWITCHES can give you best typing experience thanks to the immersive feedback effect by this keyboard and also have pressure – resistant  metal alloy springs.

Featuring backlighting the Red backlighting is there that can enhance your experience with many exceptional presets.The built-in USB ports provides easy connection with portable items like USB drive, mouse or   headphone adapter. And let me tell you that the, Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) provides brilliant button  programmability for gaming purpose.

This keyboard also provides the facility to play/pause or skip tracks seemlesly if you are a music enthusiast you are going to love this feature.
The keys will give you maximum grip and a enhanced feel with textured keycaps as it is a very comfortable mechanical keyboard You can use it in any way as we tested its performance in general usage and in gaming situations also it performed exceptionally well.

  • Have solid build
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • responsive
  • budget friendly
  • CUE software
  • Red backlighting only


In our list of Best Mechanical keyboard under 100 $ this is one of the best mechanical keyboard in the market you can checkout.If you are searching for a reliable keyboard in which you can also reliably play games along with the general use .

So this Corsair mechanical keyboard is for you.The Corsair strafe mechanical keyboard don’t let you down in any sense of word its highly recommended from our side so you can check it out if you seriously need a best mechanical keyboard.

3.CM STORM QUICKFIRE XT Mechanical keyboard

CM STORM is popular in implementing modern technologies and features in the keyboard which is a need in gaming . Consumers of CM STORM are appreciating the keyboards from 2008.

This CM STORM QUICKFIRE XT Mechanical keyboard is a full sized mechanical keyboard with powerfull buttons and each part of this keyboard is of high quality so this keyboard not let you down with its quality. 

With 2.4lbs weight you dont have to worry about its weight and featuring mechanical Cherry MX blue key buttons and the keys can also supported with elongated metal plates which are beneath them.

This mechanical keyboard have a fastest response and guess what this thing can goes upto 5 million keystrokes which is its claimed lifespan .

  • Compact size
  • Solid build
  • quiet typing
  • best design
  • under 100 dollar
  • No backlighting


One of the best mechanical keyboard you can buy under 100 this CM storm quickfire will not dissapoint you in any chance making it a best option thatswhy we have included this in our list of top 7 best mechanical keyboard under 100 dollars.

4.Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Poseidon is a subsidiary of the Pacific Gaming Investments Ltd, which is based in Colombia. The company is  producing the best top quality gaming components from 2007 and till now it have establish itself as a well reputed brand in the industry.

Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the best product from the company it comes with blue switches .
The keyboard market have a large variety so finding a perfect mechanical keyboard which is reliable and of best quality.

And ofcourse budget friendly is not a piece of cake , you need a good research and check the specifications of the keyboard with full attention.
Its a average size mechanical keyboard with bunch of options for programmers and for people playing games .If you are a person with super typing speed then this keyboard can definetly attract you with its high quality keys .

The lifespan of this mechanical keyboard is claimed 50 million keystrokes which is a handsome figure for a budget friendly mechanical keyboard.The multimedia keys will make the entertainment game more enjoyable with 7 buttons dedicated for multimedia.

  • best performance
  • longer warranty
  • best design
  • under 100 dollar
  • No need of drivers
  • Little heavy


After reading the specs of this mechanical keyboard it seems to be a nice choice by gaming enthusiasts . And 5 years warranty makes more sense in the keyboard which comes under 100 $ .You will definetely be satisfied after buying this keyboard .

5.Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The name logitech does not need any introduction as it is a popular brand which probably you should know. The company is providing computer accessories  since 1981.Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the best product from the company as it is feature loaded with tactile high speed keys.

It is among the best cheap mechanical keyboard which is budget friendly and lies under 100$ if 100 is your limitation to spend on a good mechanical keyboard then this is definetely of your choice.With 4.8 pounds of weight the dimension of this keyboard is 20.7 x 9 x 2.4 inches .So you can say its a compact keyboard under 100.

The silent mechanical keys with blazing fast speed will blow your mind and the quicker response rate  is just a underrated feature of this mechanical keyboard.
With the Extra Keys, you can get advantage in games and in programming .The 6 programmable G keys are something which will make your gaming experience more smoother and effective  than ever and this is something you cant get in such a affordable keyboard .

  • Dedicated media controls
  • 26 keys rollover option
  • best design and strong build
  • fast typing
  • comfortable
  • high quaity keys
  • Not suitable for macbooks


After knowing the specs of this mechanical keyboard now you know that this mechanical keyboard is your pick or not .

We have included this in the list of 7 Best mechanical keyboard under 100 dollars because it is the best keyboard available in the market under 100 and is a choice of gaming enthusiasts.It will give you the best performance which any other mechanical keyboard under this budget can’t .

You can go for it if you want a feasible keyboard and if you are into gaming and typing then this keyboard will not let you down in any chance.

6.Razer mechanical gaming keyboard

With 35 million users base the razer brand is supplying the computer products to the gaming community .With award winning computer products and gaming related products Razer is also winning hearts if its consumers.

The keys of this mechanical gaming keyboard comes with backlit LED lights so you can do whatever suits you in the dark also without being lost in searching for the right keys.With full adjusted brightness of the backlighting with the help of Razer synapse.

With the audible click the razer green buttons of this mechanical keyboard alsu using tactile bump inside it.It is a perfect pick for the gaming enthusiasts as this beast is going to make you gaming experience more enjoyable then ever.
Comes with 2 years warranty this keyboard have a  lifeline of 80 million keystrokes which is just insane. isn’t it?

  • Budget friendly
  • Compact design
  • Wrist rest
  • Detachable wire
  • comfortable
  • Keys make noise


This particular product comes with a great quality making it a good option to make yours.Do not think much about its cons as typing with the audible keystrokes is something more fun to some people while typing it just give you the feeling of it.

This is a best option for you to go if your budget is under 100$ and you want a good mechanical keyboard which comes with compact size and impresive quality .

7.Corsair Vengeance K65 compact mechanical gaming keyboard

Corsair a Delaware located company is a famous brand among people in America supplying Excellent computer related products and other electronic products since 1994.

Corsair has a big name in gaming industry the Corsair Vengeance K65 compact mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the best product by Corsair under 100 dollar budget.The appearance and great design of this mechanical keyboard will surely impress you.

It is a compact size mechanical keyboard offered by corsair.Cherry MX Red mechanical switches of this Corsair K63 compact mechanical keyboard are the best  quick responsive keys which are soundfree and sleek in design .

The connectivity of this mechanical keyboard is seemless thanks to the detachable USB connection with cable routing which is a builtin feature of this keyboard. Overall It is a durable keyboard with high quality and great designs.

  • Rollover option
  • Compact
  • Silent operation
  • High quality
  • Great texture
  • No backlighting on keys


Overall This corsair mechanical keyboard is a great option to choose under 100 dollars if you want a good keyboard .It is a high performance keyboard which will not let you down in any sense of word thanks to its durability and great designs.

It is highly recommended from our side if you seriously want a mechanical keyboard which is budget friendly yet high quality and durable.


What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard is a keyboard that has a an actual clicking button instead of the common  switch like other keyboards . In a mechanical keyboard under  each key there is a spring and has its dedicated sensor .

Advantage of buying a Mechanical keyboard?

SPEED AND PRECISE :  They are quick responsive keyboards which will observe your pressed key in no time which other keyboards lack.

 FLEXIBLE :  Cherry MX switches are used widely and more commonly in mechanical type keyboards which are distinguishable in color . You can get so many options in color and buttons.

FAST RESPONSE TIME : Mechanical keyboard will give you blazing fast response time . The moment you press any button the computer will recognize your response in no time .Few of them make noise when you hit keys and some are silent as lake .

DURABLE : Mechanical keyboards are extremely durable as i said they comes with Cherry MX switches which have lifespan of about 50 million keystrokes making them most durable under this range. 

 So stop thinking much about choosing the appropriate type of mechanical keyboard. And you don’t have to pay high money too they are super affordable and, you can get for you the best cheap mechanical keyboards under $100 .


Now you have the idea of best mechanical keyboards so choose your pick from our list of 7 best mechanical keyboard under 100 and let our research help you to choose appropriate mechanical keyboard for you.

You will be satisfied after buying any of the listed products because we only listed the top 7 so you can never think of spending the dollars in waste and will fully satisfied after purchasing your best mechanical keyboard under 100$. 

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