7 Best Rangefinder for Hunting under $200 (2021 Reviews and Buying Guide)

Best Rangefinder for Hunting (Reviews)

If you are passionate for hunting and love hunting then you are definitely having a Rangefinder and if you don’t have then chances are you are looking for one best rangefinder for hunting as in hunting rangefinder play a major role in guidance when aiming your target .

Hunting is also a sport but not for everyone the people like you who are passionate about it can only do this type of sports but it can be difficult without proper gears .Rangefinder helps so well in hunting so you definitely need a high quality and best rangefinder for ease in hunting.

In old times there were no rangefinders are there for hunting so the people in old times do hunting with so much difficulty but now the existence of rangefinders make the the hunting easier then before. 

In 2020 the rangefinders are here with so many improvements and updates that the accuracy and the ability to function  is improved then ever before.There are many brands which makes the rangefinders which you can buy which comes with latest technology and many features.

There are so many brands which offers the rangefinder for hunting in the market in today’s time , that it sometimes become difficult for us to choose the right one .
So proper research before buying is necessary so here we are with reviews of 7 Best rangefinder for Hunting under $200 in 2020 .

7 Best Rangefinder for Hunting under $200

1.Vortex Rangefinder

Vortex rangefinder is the first rangefinder in our list .This Vortex impact 1000 rangefinder is useful for all hunters as it comes with simple designs and great features and easy to use functions .

 It has a perfect balance between its price and quality as in this vortex rangefinder you will not going to unsatisfied as it comes with great price point and high quality rangefinder which can stretch up to 1000 yards if needed.

Vortex build quality rangefinders so you don’t have to think about the quality .
It is a lightweight and easy to use rangefinder comes with HCD mode which is horizontal component distance used in all archery shooting and rifle shooting.

Its Line of Sight mode is for the rifle shooter and Scan feature helps in ranging moving targets.And you know what lot of hunters recommend the Impact 1000.

Specification Summary :

Eye relief15 mm
Magnification :6x
Accuracy : +/- 1 yds @ <100 yds , +/- 2 yds @ > 100 yds
Max Range1000 yards
Field of view341 feet / 1000 yards
Deer range500 yards
Tree range800 yards
  • Best price
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Premium features
  • LOS and HCD modes
  • Absence of incline mode in HCD

2. Halo Optics XR900 

Halo rangefinders are one of a kind as they are built for hunting comes with great design .

6x magnification of halo rangefinder can help you view upto long distances and makes hunting easy with range upto 900 yards and AI technology to deal with slopes and to compensate them.

Scan mode for constant ranging is a very good feature of halo rangefinders .The wild design and scan mode is a good deal for you if you are looking for a best rangefinder for hunting under 200 dollars.

Specification Summary :

Magnification :6x
Max Range :900 yards
Deer range :375 yards
Tree range :550 yards
  • Best price
  • Waterproof
  • AI technology
  • scan mode
  • great design
  • max range is only 900 yards

3. Leupold RX650 laser rangefinder

Leupold Rangefinder comes with quality , for many years Leupold is making quality hunting gears in the market .
Their RX-650 is one of the best rangefinder available under 200 dollars price range .

 Leupold RX-650 Micro laser rangefinder is ready for all type of weather conditions as it is waterproof and fog proof .
The power of 6x magnification will make hunting easier then ever before Thanks to its wide field of view.

You can easily track the target and scan area with scan mode and LOS which is line of sight distance will give you the exact distance between you and the target.
The rubber armor on it helps in a positive grip in all types of weather conditions.

The Leupold RX-650 is a Lightweight and compact rangefinder .

Specification Summary :

Eye relief :16.3 mm
Max Range :650 yards
Field of view : 366 feet / 1000 yards
Deer range :575 yards
Tree range :600 yards
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Multicoated lens
  • scan mode and LOS
  • Struggles with locking on smaller targets

4.Bushnell Engage hunting rangefinder

Bushnell build steady and compact rangefinders which are also lightweight . This bushnell engage 1300 hunting laser rangefinder have 50% larger objective lens with glass optical system .

The EXO barrier technology in this Engage 1300 repels water , dirt or debris for a clear view everytime you use it .

Featuring the ARC technology, can provide you true distance to any uphill ranging or downhill ranging making your shooting a ease.

Specification Summary :

Magnification :6x
Max Range :1300 yards
Field of view : 367.5 feet / 1000 yards
Deer range :600 yards
Tree range :800 yards
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • EXO and ARC technology
  • Not a great design

5.Aofar H3 Hunting rangefinder

Aofar H3 rangefinder comes with a great design in market .The camo  design on this rangefinder makes it stand out from the crowd.

Comes with latest pin technology and to make hunting experience seemless even in unnormal weather conditions the Aofar H3 is equipped with dust proof , fog proof and waterproof material.

A lightweight and compact rangefinder with 6x magnification loaded with latest pinseeker technology comprise of scan mode and rangemode makes it one of the best hunting rangefinder under 200 dollars.

Specification Summary :

Magnification :6x
Max Range : 800 yards
  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Range and scan modes
  • high accuracy
  • camo design
  • great price point
  • Not a great range

6.Tectectec Prowild 2 Rangefinder

The design of this TecTecTec prowild 2 rangefinder is great comes with shades of green and black looks wild but beautiful .A lightweight and portable rangefinder with dust and water resistant .

This  hunting rangefinder can range upto 1000 yards with 6x magnification with fast measurement and is one of the most accurate hunting rangefinder you can get under $200.

Specification Summary :

Magnification : 6x
Accuracy :+/- 0.3 yds
Max Range:1000 yards
  • Water Resistant
  • Scan mode
  • Great design
  • Lightweight
  • Does not have Speed mode like other TicTicTic rangrfinder

7.WoSports rechargeable hunting rangefinder

WoSports Rangefinder for hunting is a great value for money option if you are planning to buy a best rangefinder for hunting under 200$ .

It is a rechargeable Hunting rangefinder equipped with 3.7V 750 Mah rechargeable battery and can charge from any regular charging port with the help of micro usb cable which is included in the box.

Having a maximum range of 800 yards , the 6x magnification makes the hunting easier .The Wosports hunting rangefinder comes with waterresistant body making it usable in every type of weather conditions.

Specification Summary :

Eye piece lens :16 mm
Magnification :6x
Accuracy :+/- 1
Max Range :800 yards
Deer range :500 yards
  • Water Resistant
  • Scan mode
  • Low battery indicator
  • Good colors
  • Great price
  • need to charge before use


There are plenty of rangefinder available in the market for hunting choosing best rangefinder for hunting is very important , you should be already know your requirements before buying a hunting rangefinder .

No doubt all rangefinders look same but the specifications and features of all rangefinders are alike so you have to proper research before investing in a rangefinder.

If your budget is under $200 then from our list of 7 best rangefinder for hunting you should look for the best one for you.
Rangefinder is a must have gear or equipment if you are into hunting or want to do it so take your time and choose the best for you from the list of 7 best rangefinder for hunting under 200 dollars in 2020.

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