7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

Best Rifle Case in 2021

Carrying your rifle or gun is very important after use you can’t just carry the rifle in your hands naked for carrying you need to have a case for it .

And there are lots of cases for rifle in the market from soft to hard you need to find a perfect case for your rifle and that for sure requires some effort.

But making things easier we are here with the Best Rifle cases for your gun so you can choose which is perfect for you from our top picks of best rifle case which are quality product yet affordable which comes under the price tag of 100 dollars .

When the rifle is not in use you need a safe way to carry it to different locations . It is very important to have a good quality rifle case to carry your gun and here our need for best rifle cases comes . so here we are with the Best Rifle cases under $100.

We have the top picks but picking the perfect rifle case depends on you and how you use it . Like some carry their rifle only to the shooting range and back . but some used to travel with it on airplane. So choose your rifle case wisely.

Best Soft Rifle Case [Top Picks]

If you want a rifle case with you can travel in airplane than soft rifle case are for you if you want best rifle case for flying.

They have less weight than the hard rifle case and can be carried easily and best for transport. As it is soft case it can easily be fitted in the space due to its flexibility other than hard rifle case.

Soft rifle cases are great for any type of rifle if it is hunting rifle or tactical rifle. If you think you can’t handle the hard rifle case as it is hard and can’t fit in your allowed space like in the car so the soft rifle case will help you in that.

Soft rifle case also cost less than the hard rifle case and have more space for accessories . So if you want a Soft rifle case for your rifle here is our top picks of Best Soft Rifle Case.

1. Savior American Classic Rifle Case

7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

If you want a best soft rifle case with highest quality with most affordability then Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag Firearm Transportation Case w/Backpack is a right case for you.

This great piece of product comes with double storage of long rifles with ability to store 2 Pistols and with Additional Pocket Compartments for storage of accessories .

 Constructed With Heavy Duty Industrial 600D PVC Nylon makes this rifle case most durable of its segment.

You not have to worry about safety as it comes with Lockable Zipper Sliders On Both Firearm Compartments to give a ultra secure feature to this rifle case .

Molle Grid, Paracord Zipper, D-Ring and Backpack Straps makes this case a ultra deluxe rifle case and the best thing about this product is its lifetime warranty which can surely tell your heart to pick this as your rifle case if you want soft rifle case then this product is our top pick.

This great product is available in 5 different colors and 5 different sizes according to your need so you can not compromise in any factor and your money will be worth the product in every aspect.

It is our top pick in the segment of best soft rifle case and you will surely love it without any regrets and the ratings on this product will surely blow your mind.

Color5 color options
Size5 available sizes- 36″ 42″ 46″ 51″ 55″
  • Life time warranty
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lockable compartment
  • Ultra Safe
  • Plenty of space
  • Multiple carrying options
  • Sometimes not available

2. Savior Equipment Patriot Single Scoped Long Rifle Case

7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

This Soft rifle case is one of the best rifle case in our picks as it comes with 3-Inch Width Design which Fits Most Rifles with Custom Attachments Such as Sights, Scopes, Bi-Pod & Extended Magazine Without Any Issues making it a great option to choose under 100 dollars.

It is a great quality product with ultimate affordability so you can get a best rifle case without going hard on your pocket .

The 600 D PVC Shell present in this case along with Heavy Duty EVA Foam Interior Padding Provide 360-Degree Protection to Your Rifle so you can carry your rifle without any hesitation .

If you are thinking that in soft rifle case your gun will move inside while you move but not in this case this bag is featured with Fully Adjustable Hook-N-Loop Strap with 2-Way Lockable Zippers to prevent movement and damage of the gun.

It is very spacious with additional large pouches for magazine and other accessories .

It is also a product from Savior equipment which is very reputable company making rifle cases so yes it comes with lifetime warranty .

Comes in 3 sizes according to your rifle size and beautiful 4 color options so you can buy this case worth every penny.

Size35″ , 41″ , 45″
Color4 color options
  • Life time warranty
  • Great quality
  • Detailed construction
  • Affordable
  • Size and color options
  • Simple Design
  • Space for single Rifle

3. Wolf Warrior X Long Rifle Case

7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

If you want a great double rifle case bag which comes under the category of soft rifle case then this Wolf Warrior X Long Rifle Case Tactical Double Rifles Gun Bag is a great choice for you.

This Rifle case comes with high quality material which is very durable , water resistant, and dust resistant perfect for you if you are taking the rifle for hunting and other outdoor activities.

This is very affordable yet comes with many great features from safety to practicality .This double rifle case has a main padded compartment for your 2 rifles with An additional 26’’ front compartment.

Comes with 3 modular pouches; SBS Duty zippers; Backpack straps; QD Buckles; Internal pistol holders; Adjustable straps; Robust carrying handles; MOLLE webbing; Zippered tool compartment making this rifle case a great option under 100 dollars.

This is the best design gun case for your expensive rifle so you can not let the respect of rifle down .The two long gun case features a dual-rifle main compartment so you can carry not one but two rifle at a same time with integrated padded dividers and hook & loop straps to secure your rifle. 

The large capacity of this bag and the waterproof material makes it the best of soft rifle cases available in the market.

Colors6 color options
Size38 inch & 42 inch
  • Waterproof
  • Different color options
  • Great design
  • Non-deformation
  • only 2 size options

4. Allen Company Daytona Soft Carrying Gun Case

7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

One of the best pick in our list of best soft rifle case is this Allen Company Daytona Soft Carrying Gun Case for rifle and shotguns .

This great product comes with four accessories pocket to store your gun cleaning kit , eye protection , hearing protection etc.

The Soft case from Allen is a great choice for you to protect and transport your long gun. This case comes equipped with four accessory pockets so you can store all your accessories in ease and go take the gun wherever you want to.

This case is featured with easy clean lining so you not need to waste time in cleaning your case.

comes with two size options so you can easily fit your long gun according to size you have purchased.

Size46 inch , 52 inch
  • Pocket friendly
  • spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Great quality
  • Not waterproof
  • No space for pistol

5. M&P by Smith & Wesson Duty Series Gun Case

7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

M&P by Smith and Wesson is a heavy duty case for your gun with a great quality constructed with durable fabric.

Comes with a adjustable shoulder strap made up of nylon and with handles made up of nylon and high quality material to conquer all conditions .

The Smith and Wesson rifle case comes with 3 mag pockets and for securely hold magazines the full flap hook and loop closures is there .

For quick and easy access to the rifle this case is featured with A full length, over sized double zipper on the main compartment.

Comes with 3 sizes for you to choose the perfect size for your gun . It is very affordable soft rifle case with outstanding quality making this product a good pick under 100 dollars if you want a top soft rifle case then this is for you.

Size34″ , 40″, 45″
Dimensions35.5” L x 12” H x 2” D
  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • 3 Size options
  • Reputable Brand
  • Nice Customer Rating
  • Single color
  • Space for only one rifle

6. ARMY CAMO Double Rifle Bag

7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

In our top pick of Best soft rifle case this case is our personal favourite comes with high quality water/dust resistant material. This double rifle case comes with dual rifle compartment for two rifle storage with padded dividers and hook and loop straps so your rifle kept is secure.

This Case is fully protected with padded and comes with an additional 26″ front compartment for 2 pistols, optics, SMG, or other accessories. It comes with 3 outside pouches that combine to hold up to 14, M4 magazines.

Other features include heavy duty zippers, backpack straps for slick transportation, QD buckles, internal pistol holders, adjustable straps, robust carrying handles, MOLLE webbing, and zippered tool compartment. making this case a best buy option in the market.

Army Camo double rifle case is featured with Molle straps 5 rows on each end and comes with shooting mat inside which is detachable.

You can also carry your pistols easily with its inside pockets for pistols and the Molle webbing loops are there on the bag in front.

One of our favourite things in this rifle case is this that i comes with 6 color options which is great. isn’t it?

Color6 Exciting color options
Size38 inch
  • 6 color options
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Super Value for money
  • Durable
  • single size available

7.Combat Veteran Owned Company Double Rifle Bag

7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)7 Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 ( 2021 Reviews)

In this amazing rifle case you can carry two rifle and two pistols thanks to the dedicated space for both and also have spacefor your mags and ammo and removable shooting pad

It is a very durable rifle case with Water resistance in affordable price and Made With Heavy Duty Industrial 600 D PVC Nylon and zippers are long lasting with water resistance.

You can carry your gun in any want you want if it is more heavy you can use it as backpack and if you only want to take nearby you can use as handbag.

The best thing in this soft rifle case is that it comes with amazing lifetime warranty so you can purchase it and love the product or you can return it if its defected.

It comes with great features and available in 2 size options making it one of the best soft rifle case under 100 dollars so you can buy it without doing any compromise.

Size36″ , 42″
Color3 color options

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Size and options
  • Backpack and hand carry options
  • Straps are short in outside pocket

Best Soft Rifle Case under $100 Buying Guide

Rifle case are most important if you use a rifle for hunting shooting or for other outdoor activities as the rifles are expensive they need to be protected and carried in the safe way and here the role of best rifle comes to play.

If you are more into travelling with your gun and accessories more likely you need a soft rifle case it is best rifle case for flying or travelling because of its light weight compare to hard rifle case.

With the rifle case you can keep your rifle or other items secure with locking your gun in a soft or hard shell case so no others user can access it allowing you to keep the gun in your control.

If you carry your gun without a case then chances are your gun will get scratches and dents which is not great for the rifle minimizing this you can use a rifle case when traveling.

No matter you are travelling with your rifle or going to short distance you will need a good rifle case if you are more into travelling in airplane and in car use soft rifle case as they are best rifle case for flying

There are plenty of options in the market from soft to hard rifle case from double to single rifle case what you choose is depends on your need but we are preety sure you will love soft rifle case from our top picks as they are here after well research in this segment.

In case you are getting difficulty selecting the perfect soft rifle case for you then Savior Equipment American Classic is our personal favourite in double rifle case and if you want soft rifle case for single rifle you can check out M&P by Smith and Wesson which is best single rifle case for your gun under the price tag of $100.

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