9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

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9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

GHD Classic Original IV Hair Straightener

  • Premium quality straightener
  • Best for thick wavy hair
  • Value for money

Every woman, every girl loves her hairs. Be it thick, wavy, curly, or straight, proper hair care is one of the best personal care for women.

Choosing a hairstylist like a straightener helps all the way long to a party or a fest or just a get-together. Styling different hairs and straightening them not only makes your hair good but also contributes to your great look where to role of Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair comes to play.

There’s a myth that straightening causes hair damage in the future and makes them frizzy, which is not likely true. So if you really care and love your hair, here’s a list of some most high-grade top-picked best hair straighteners for thick wavy hairs with all the high-quality features and best results that you can opt for and will never regret.

Our Top Picks for Best Thick Wavy Hair Straightener

backpacHSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener  4.3/5View on Amazon
backpac VANESSA Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler 4.4/5View on Amazon
backpac KIPOZI Hair straightener4.5/5 View on Amazon
backpacNITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener 4.5/5View on Amazon
backpac Remington S5520 Flat Iron Hair Straightener 4.6/5View on Amazon
backpac Conair Double Ceramic flat iron Straightener 4.5/5View on Amazon
backpac Furiden Professional flat iron Hair Straightener 4.3/5View on Amazon
backpac GHD Classic Original IV Hair Straightener 4.5/5View on Amazon
backpacBaBylissPro ultra-thin Straightening iron  4.6/5View on Amazon

Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair – Reviews

1. HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Best for Thick hairs

  • High quality ceramic plates
  • Adjustable high heat
  • Value for money

This is one of the best hair straighteners for heavy thick wavy hairs. It’s an all-rounder machine that straightens, curls, and flips your hair and there you’re ready for the party!

Prevents future hair damage

The main drawback that we consider of using a straightener is the damage it can cause to our hair in future. But picking this choice will never let you feel this. There are high-quality ceramic plates using microsensors that spread the heat evenly and easily prevent losing your lovable hairs in the future.

Unique perfect design

There are plates in the glider made of tourmaline crystal and ceramic material that helps you finish your styling in a very less time.

This specially designed straightener creates very shinier and silkier hairs. Along with the temperature settings, you can perfectly get frizz-free hairs and a smooth look for almost all hair types.

Proper heat management

This perfectly manages the heat supply and its distribution regulating the temperature that is put on your hair. It takes very less time to straighten your wavy hairs.

So you can easily use it anytime you want, plus you can also take it along with you to every place you travel to and just enjoy your stylish look.

So picking this as a choice for your wavy hairs, will never let you regret it, instead you’ll simply love styling your hairs straight with this amazing device, which makes it one of the best hair straighteners for heavy thick wavy hairs.

  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Evenly Distributes Heat
  • High-Quality Design
  • Comes with Additional Accessories
  • Perfect for Travel
  • Value for money
  • Lacks digital temp control which is there on Glider plus and elite


If you want the best hair straightener for your thick wavy hair then you can simply rely on this HSI Professional Glider as it comes with amazing features under a friendly budget so you can buy a good straightener without hurting your pocket.

2. VANESSA Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Budget-Friendly Hair Straightener

  • High-quality Straightener
  • Handy and Durable
  • Easy to Use

This branded hair straightener has so much in it regarding styling of your hairs according to the need and occasion. It is very easy and simple to use and in very less time you’ll get glossy shiny results.
It will provide you an amazing look and will also not damage your hair in the future.

Damage free

This is damage and frizz-free straightener and consists of a nano Titanium plate that reduces your time and straightens very fast resulting in shiny hairs
The high levels of negative ions just smoothen your hair and make them silky and soft.

Elegant fast styling design

Giving better results in less time, the design is so uniquely made of titanium plates that can retain moisture. The iron plates distribute the heat evenly everywhere you want.

In one simple go, you can just get your shiny hairs without rolling them over again and again. The temperature is noted and shown digitally which helps you to set your desired temperature according to your hair need.

For all types

Though being the best choice for wavy thick hairs, the straightener is all suitable for all type of hairs. Additionally, you can curl your hair up with the straightener how much do you want.

Simply style your hairs according to the occasion and take it whenever and wherever you want to use.

  • Features Digital Invisible Screen
  • 360° flexible swivel cord never gets tangled
  • Automatic off feature
  • Fast Heating
  • Beautiful sleek design
  • Budget Friendly
  • Frizz control can be better


VANESSA Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler is the best choice for you if you want a budget-friendly hair straightener for thick hair, its beautiful sleek design and fast styling makes it one of the best in the segment.

3. KIPOZI Hair straightener

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Suitable for All Hair Types

  • Sleek design
  • Perfect for travel
  • Safety auto off

Proving to be a great choice by giving a salon look, this is amongst the best choice of hair straightener for thick wavy hairs.
You’ll get glossy and shiny frizz free hairs according to your need.

Maintains optimum temperature

Made of titanium flat iron it contains ceramic heat giving points giving the best hairs with no breakage.

The optimum temperature is maintained and provides the best expected results. The negative ions simply moisten your hairs and convert the result to shiny hairs.

Perfect in design

The straightener is crafted from two titanium plates that delivers even heat everywhere.

Gliding through all your hairs, these titanium plates add glossiness and softness to your hairs making them straight. These 3D floating plates will never damage your hair instead will make them better.

All in one device

According to your party and occasion not only it helps in straightening, but can also style your hair into curls.

Best known straightener for wavy and thick hairs, it can simply curl your hairs to whatever extent you want to giving you a dazzling look too!

  • Safety Lock Function
  • Perfect for Traveling
  • 15 Temperature Settings
  • Great sleek design
  • Swivel Cord for tangle free
  • Ultra-Smooth Nano Titanium Plate Technology
  • Some finds it little bulky


This is the best hair straightener for thick hair as it is equipped with great features under a affordable price range and with the ultra-smooth nano titanium plate technology , you are going to love it.

4. NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Professional Hair Straightener

  • Premium design and feel
  • Simple One Step Operation
  • High Efficiency Flat iron

Its attractive champagne gold color along with the best results will give you an amazing look for which you’re looking into.

There are elements of the titanium heating plate like argan oil, nanosilver, ceramic, and tourmaline which will add up to your styling beauty and benefit your hairs.

One step working

The design is such that you’ll take the lowest time possible to curl or straight your hair.

This straightener’s revolutionary design lets you operate it in simple one step and thus, you’re done with your styling!

Just simply rotate clockwise to turn on the power button and you can off the power by decreasing the temperature anticlockwise.

MCH heating feature

One of the best features that makes it the best straightener for thick and wavy hairs is this MCH heating feature.

This ensures very quick heating within 10 seconds approx and heat recovery also providing long lasting effects.

It contains flexible 3D plates which can adjust to one angle and show better results gliding through the hairs evenly.

Combo pack along

This great set has so much to use through. Along with this amazing straightener, this combination set has a travel pouch bag, extra-long power chord, hair clips, hair comb, and even a heat-resistant glove!

That’s all you need while styling hairs, so this pack can be a great choice to buy as it will satisfy you in every aspect regarding straightening hairs and even curling them.

  • MCH with Built-in C-Sensor
  • Anti-Scald Styling with Premium Heat-resistance Glove
  • 360° Swivel Salon Power Cord
  • Premium design
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Gloves are needed as the tip gets hot


NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener is a perfect hair straightener if you are looking for a professional salon-grade straightener for thick wavy hairs and what we love the most is its beautiful premium design in an affordable price range.

5. Remington S5520 Flat Iron Hair Straightener

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Budget-Friendly Straightener

  • Anti-static technology
  • Fast heat up & styling
  • Ceramic plates for quicker styling

Providing smooth gliding through the hairs with its evenly designed flat plates. The titanium protection coating let’s it heat up fast and give better results in less time than expected.

There’s a hinge look of this best straightener for thick and wavy hairs and with this look, the flat iron plates are protected during the storage.

Anti-static technology

The main feature of this unique straightener is its anti-static technology. It helps in 50% or less static and flyaways. It will reduce the electrostatic discharge through plates in the form of heat and will provide you fast results.

Lightweight design

The design is so finely build that the heat is evenly spread as soon as the power is on. The floating plates move along with your hairs and maintaining a proper grip that helps in your styling very comfortably.

Longer ceramic plates for better results

This amazing straightener contains smooth gliding plates for providing fast and smooth results. Because of the 30% longer plates that are the 1” long ceramic plates, there is a 30 seconds heat up that will always comfort your styling be it straightening or curling.

  • Anti-Static Technology
  • Titanium protection coating for fast heat up
  • 30% longer ceramic plates
  • Turbo Boost Function
  • Affordable price range
  • Quality is average
  • Not easy to use


If you are looking for an affordable hair straightener then you can go with these Remington S5520 Flat Iron Hair Straightener, it comes with good features according to its price range.

6. Conair Double Ceramic flat iron Straightener

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Best Affordable Straightener

  • Double Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Sleek design
  • Uniform heat recovery for consistent styling

Whatever choice you want to style, whether adding volume or creating straight hairstyles, this can be the best choice for a straightener for thick and wavy hairs.

With a beautiful look form outside in white or rose gold combination, it is very innovative firm inside too.

Double ceramic

For spreading even heat the double ceramic layers provides proper heat. To straighten hairs or making beachy waves, this is the best straightener for thick wavy hairs. This will always provide frizz-free glossy hairs with amazing results.

For all types and textures

There is a very proper and a systematic temperature management feature. There is a five digital LED heat display for proper heat distribution.

This feature is very great for all types of hairs and all types of hair textures. Different degrees of temperature for a particular type of hair will help you a lot in styling them.

Can set to desired temperature

Since you know better your hair type, you can only easily style them accordingly. You can set your temperature according to your type and then style them easily and comfortably.

This amazing piece of styling contains floating plates for better contact with the hairs. Additionally, there are extra long plates too for better styling. It also contains a handle lock with an auto-off button for powered saving.

  • 5 Digital LED heat settings
  • Extra long plates for quick styling
  • Double ceramic coated plates
  • Cheap price
  • Outside of the barrel gets hot to touch sometimes


Conair Double Ceramic flat iron Straightener is a great option for you if you are ready to compromise with high-end features and want a good hair straightener for your thick hair under an affordable price range.

7. Furiden Professional flat iron Hair Straightener

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Premium Hair Straightener

  • Great look and design
  • Heats quickly
  • Fits All Hair Type

You’ll definitely get your salon-like desired treatment that you want to curl or straight.

Heating quickly, it prevents frizzy hairs and will never provide damage to your precious hairs. They simply fits perfect for all types of hairs and you can just set your desired temperature.

Avoids tugging and snagging

This straightener contains long floating plates and they are balanced heat plates that will work according to your need. These will perfectly balance the heat distribution.

They have curved edges to continuously adjust the angle to avoid snagging your hairs.

Best for Thick hairs

This straightener under the furiden brand has been considered the best hair straightener for thick and wavy hairs for which you can trust blindly.

You can simply elevate your design and styling that’ll give you a great look. There are simple two way steps and you’re done with your desired styling.

Extra long cord

When sometimes many straighteners or styling equipment may face power-related problems but this problem is just solved for this straightener.

There is a long cord approx 97 inches long that will solve your power cord length problems also. You can even walk across the room too with your styling.

You can simply take it whenever and wherever you want to with your travel and tour for a great look. Plus you can also gift your female friends and family on their parties and birthdays.

  • Premium design
  • Comes with 360°swivel long cord
  • Heats Up in 15s
  • Extra-long Cord
  • Best for traveling
  • Little expensive


If you want the best hair straightener for your thick wavy hair then you can go for it if budget is not a problem then this will surely impress you with its great functionality and premium design and features.

8. GHD Classic Original IV Hair Straightener

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Professional Hair Styler

  • An award-winning Straightener
  • Eliminates frizz for lasting results
  • Versatile and snag-free styling

Provides enhanced shining

This straightener is so good and perfectly designed that has a good system of heat distribution.

This will give better shiny results. The styled hair will be frizz-free with no damages. The hairs will be glossy and provide enhanced shining.

Versatile one

The modern design of this amazing straightener is so perfect in providing you stylish looks.

It’s sleek design is all good for a versatile and damage-free styling. Whether it is curling or straightening, you’ll get snag-free results with a stylish look.

Fast results

This straightener is considered one of the best choice for thick and wavy hairs.

It is because of the less time taken by it in providing the results. It quickly heats the plates and eventually provides many effects. They result in glossy frizz-free hairs in very little time than expected.

  • Ceramic heat technology
  • Rounded barrel and floating plates
  • Comes with 2 year ghd manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Premium quality
  • Expensive


If budget is not a problem and if you want a professional hair straightener with premium quality then you can go for these GHD Classic Original IV Hair Straightener which are loaded with features and quality.

9. BaBylissPro ultra-thin Straightening iron

9 Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair in 2021 (Budget-Friendly Guide & Reviews)

Premium Hair Iron

  • Sleek Design
  • High heat levels
  • Heat-resistant ryton housing

Since BaBylissPRO is one of the best and leading product brands that are very innovative and effective in giving results, they produce the styling tools that are professionally and domestically used. The results are amazingly just as the expectations.

Lightweight design

This branded straightener has nano Titanium ultra thin plates that has adjustable heat settings. This makes the straightener overall lightweight and easy to handle and use.
There are extended 5 long plates that makes the work off styling easier and faster. This leaves your hair shiny and silky.

One stroke styling

Evenly heat distribution all over the plates lets you reduce your time and give faster results than expected. This is very great to use as you can use it on both wet and dry hairs.

The hairstyling in one stroke will not only just save your time but will also encourage you to use it and carry in travel also because of the fast response.

50 heat settings

This is one of the greatest branded straightener and is known to be the best one for thick and wavy hair straightening.

The smooth titanium plates just conduct the ultra-high heat and this resists corrosion. Resulting in shiny and glossy hairs, this amazing straightener features up to 50 heat settings till 450 F.

  • Sleek Design and ultra lightweight
  • 50 Heat settings
  • Heat-resistant ryton housing
  • High quality and durable
  • Ceramic heater instant heat and recovery
  • Little bit costly


BaBylissPro ultra-thin Straightening iron is a premium hair straightener comes with amazing features like heat settings and ceramic heater, if your budget allows you to buy it then take a look at it.

Buying Guide for Best Straightener for Thick Wavy Hair

If you are having thick and wavy hair then you must need the best straightener for your thick wavy hair, as styling your hair will not only change your looks but it defines your personality so having a best straightener will ultimately improve your personality within no time.

There are so many brands and types of hair straighteners in the market which leads to confusing and sometimes people ended up in buying straighteners which are not suitable for their hair type and then they regret it.

To eliminate this problem we have top picked the 9 best Straighteners for Thick Wavy Hair after deep research in the market and reviewed them so you can go through the review of them and then pick which suits you the most.

But there are certain things to consider before buying the best straightener so that you can fully satisfied with the product in your hand, if you don’t know what are the things to look at before buying the best straightener for thick wavy hair, don’t worry here are some things to look at before buying hair straighteners!

Things to look at before buying the Best Hair Straightener


Before buying the best hair straighteners check the quality of it , the bad quality straighteners can damage your hairs so if possible try to look for a high quality straightener, they will cost a bit more but your hairs are more valuable then a 50 or 100 bucks.


You don’t want that after few days of buying your straightener ends up broken or not working which will make you regret, so buy the straightener which is durable enough to last longer as possible.


Grip is one of the important thing to look at because when you are styling your hair proper grip is needed for accurate and healthy styling and which does not cause pain in your hands.

Travel Friendly

Hairs are something which needs to be styled every day because they are one of the most important factors of your overall looks, so when you are travelling most likely you are carrying your hair straightener with you so look for a product which is sleek and lightweight in design, choosing a bulky and heavyweight straightener can cause difficulties in travel.


An important factor that every one thinks before buying , try to go with high quality hair straightener which will cost a bit more but they are worth their quality a good budget straightener can be priced between 50 to 100 dollars.


How to choose the best straightener for thick hairs?

If you want to buy the best straightener for thick wavy hair then you can look for the following things-
1.Optimum temperature
2.Bigger plates
3.Ceramic and titanium plates
4.A non-slip grip
5.Negative ion technology 

What are the best heating plates for a Thick and wavy hair straightener?

The ceramic and titanium plates are considered the best plates for thick and wavy hairs , they distribute the heat evenly to all hairs and does not overheat.

Final Verdict

Concluding this article, we have reviewed the best hair straightener for thick and wavy hair you can go with, if you want the best affordable straightener you can take a look at Conair Double Ceramic flat iron Straightener, and if you want a premium quality professional hair styler with great features and quality go for GHD Classic Original IV Hair Straightener.

Time to Style Hair!

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